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  • Update firebase to 9.6.7 to fix ##23
  • Allow passing parameters to OAuth providers fixes ##33
  • Fix instructions to setup Microsoft

firebase 1.0.1

  • Ressource dependencies registered on attach.
  • Fix issue where classes were not correctly exported.

firebase 1.0.0

  • Add support for phone sign in.
  • Remove deprecated create_config function, use firebase_config.
  • Fix issue with persistence ##14
  • Upgrade firebase.js to modular, tree-shakable version 9 (latest)
  • Use packer to bundle with webpack for better performances and load time.
  • Clean up core class, deprecating several (genuinely) useless methods.
  • Deprecate useFirebaseUI in favour of firebaseUIContainer.
  • In useFirebase deprecate analytics and firestore arguments.
  • Breaking FirebaseEmailLink the method called send has been renamed to send_email: this method was overwriting an internal private method, actually breaking many things.
  • Added Storage class to use Firebase Storage, requires the user to be signed in.
  • Added Analytics class to use Firebase Analytics
  • Add ability to use environment variables instead of the firebase config file ##15
  • New documentation site
  • FirebaseEmailLink the config method is no longer compulsary; redirect URL is dynamically fetched.
  • Fix ##17 remove babel breaks polyfill.
  • Modular approach implemented: dependencies are rendered client-side only where needed.

firebase 0.2.1

  • Allow firebase to work in modules.
  • Added email_link to FirebaseUI.
  • Added request_token_id and get_id_token methods to retrieve the user’s id token.
  • Update firebase and friends to v8.1

firebase 0.2.0

  • Fix potential security issue ##11
  • Add logging in many places to make it easier to debug

firebase 0.1.1

  • Deprecate the function create_config in favour of firebase_config

firebase 0.1.0

First CRAN submission. All get_ methods return a list of length 2 containing success a boolean indicating whether to operation was successful and response containing the result of the response if there is one, otherwise the string successful, or the error if there is one.


Initial version